Aliens colonial marines patch 1.3

aliens colonial marines patch 1.3

Changed the close encounter lighting to fade out instead of abruptly turning off.
You can find the full patch notes here.And a system with 2GB RAM and 512MB vram (Geforce 9800).The Video settings looks strange in the game.Addressed an issue where the motion tracker ping would play when you didnt have a motion tracker available.A nearly 4GB update for Aliens: Colonial Marines PC is now rolling out on Steam.Manual download: link removed, manual English German, i cant make a user profil for all of you.For Readon / ATI user.This update also includes several PC-specific changes, notably: improved texture resolution, various visual improvements, the addition of a mouse smoothing option, and some fixes for PC-only crashes.This are profiles for the Nvidia-Inspector.(You dont need that after update.1.1) - Gloves (from avpgalaxy) - SmallHQPack (from avpgalaxy) - Dirty PR (from agatsum) - Kalec84ModPack1 - Resolution is set to 2560x1600 for Downsampling "Ready" -msaa and smaa Profiles for Nvidia Inspector.FilmGrain0 - 100 (you can toogle the strength of the grain effect from 0 to 100) -V.1.6-, texMod or uMod - Disabled "The Grain" with TexMod.This would be great!You tokyo rail rush game can change the settings if you want.
Addressed an issue in Extermination where the last two Extermination Points used would sometimes immediately reactivate.