Riding his face sex position

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It feels so good if you like to be licked out and especially if you like to eat pussy. You can either use it as a bridge while building to orgasm, or moving into it right before the big finale. Place your upper leg over her lower leg and your lower leg beneath hers, then shift close enough to enter her. Grabbing the headboard and combining pulls with hip thrusts helps with your aim and lets you penetrate her deeper. Ohhh god my clit throbs, i am soooo horny! Eat Pussy Like A God 5.

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Either way, this position will cause the blood to rush to your head and your other head for an explosive climax.

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10 Advanced Sex Positions

My wife's pussy seems to get sweeter the more aroused she gets while I am licking her. OMG I love this position. If you find yourself needing a moment to catch your breath between positions, or are feeling — ahem — over-stimulated, lay back and put the focus on what really matters: She enjoys me lightly fingering her from behind sometimes. According to a recent sex study, the greatest predictor of long-term sexual satisfaction for couples was a willingness to try something new, and sex positions were at the top of the list.

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riding his face sex position

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