Autocad convert 3d polyline to 2d with elevation

autocad convert 3d polyline to 2d with elevation

It will leave the entities as 3D magic the gathering 2013 pc game polylines, but each vertex will be set.00.
Code: (defun C:X3P *error* adoc obj_lst ss tmp_ss) (alert "Works slowly, converted n 2000 polylines in 8 minutes (or (vl-load-com) (defun *error* (msg) (princ msg) (vla-endundomark (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object) (princ) ) (defun delobject (obj) (vl-catch-all-apply (function (lambda (vla-delete obj) (or adoc (setq adoc (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object) (vla-endundomark.
If you don't have, toolPac, then you can use wmfout and wmfin.
(command "explode" ss) ;This will not work. 09:01 PM #1, how to convert 3D Polylines to 2D Polylines.(setq ss (ssget "X".Why not just explode the polyline; flatten the "Previous" selection set; Pedit one of the entities; then use the Join option of the Pedit command to join the Previous selection set?Code: (defun 3dp (alert "Converting 3dPolyLines to 2DPolyLines (setq ss (ssget "X".Registered forum members do not see this.Reply With" 2nd Apr 2010 09:14 am #3 i dont know, reply With" 2nd Apr 2010 11:59 pm #4.Code: (defun c:3DP 2DP oldvar1 count lineno NO SS1 SS2 ENT edata PT1 PT2) (command ".undo" "Mark (setq old_plinetype (getvar "plinetype (setvar "plinetype" 0) (setq oldvar1 (getvar "cmdecho (setvar "cmdecho" 0) (if (setq SS2 (ssget "X" ' (100.Hi All, I gave 2d poly line with curves as an input now i want to convert that 2d poly line into 3d poly line with bulge factor and with points."polyline ;This selects all polyline entities, not just.If they would have it would have been a boon for engineers.Is there a faster or easier way to do this?Code: (defun 3dp ;Missing the "C.Why use wmfout / wmfin?