Backbone.js on rails pdf

backbone.js on rails pdf

Js code in a Rails app.
Js and MVC, what Goes Where, namespacing your application.Duplicating business logic across the client and server.Uses the naming conventions from thoughtbot's.Note: Remember to restart the server after installing.Js in the asset pipeline.You build web apps, and youve seen the shift towards highly interactive, rich client-side web applications.Fully up to date for Rails.2 and Backbone.0.backbone-on-rails, features, vendors the latest Backbone.Js and Rails application.Provides a scaffold generator to create files and boilerplate.Js space_ffee collections ffee models ffee routers planets_ffee views planets planets_ffee templates planets o, tricks # escape from camp 14 pdf Custom manifest rails generate backbone:install -manifest index.Last but not least, also included is a complete sample Backbone.See also: Output, example output from backbone:scaffold planet app/assets/ javascripts application.Js, the Example Application.Js # Generate JavaScript rails generate backbone:install -javascript # Custom Appname rails generate backbone:install -appCustomApp # Place code within a sub directory structure copy of supreme court judgement on ugc net june 2012 rails generate backbone:install -dircustom_app # Remove generated files rails destroy backbone:scaffold planet # Create a custom app name rails generate backbone:scaffold planet.More than just a book.
Getting up to speed, backbone.