Bf2 patch 1.5 full

bf2 patch 1.5 full

Note: After loading the save, the Day-night cycle will start over (starting from the Dawn).
Fixed bug where a spawn point is shown as selected when it is not if player has spawned in during the preview round.Fixed a bug where custom screen resolution settings were lost after saving changes in UP1.5 Settings without making any screen resolution changes.Built-in Music Player (EE2Amp hotkey: ctrlaltshiftf12 1 sample song.Improved performance and reduced lags in epochs 12 by limiting Missile Defense System detection range to 1, without affecting the effectivity.Improved the Super icbm explosion effects.Added support for multiple gamemodes in single maplist for mods.Client / Gameplay: - Red/Blue nametag bug Fix to the issue where players would show up with the wrong color name tag - Introduced a delay from proning to standing to help reduce exploiting - Adjusted C4 to make throwing more difficult - Fixed the.Added an option to disable V-sync (removes the maximum 60 FPS limit and sometimes improves performance).Added "Unofficial Patch g" which can be used in case you can't re-install the game or if you get "The setup has detected that version.20.000 of Empire Earth II is already installed." error.Napatchuj na verzi.5, to je nejvyí patch na ofiko ranked servery.Ranked Servers now force unlocks.It can be disabled by the UP1.5 Settings.In case of problems (like Out of Sync) - buttons will be unlocked after 3 attempts.Fixed Microsoft Visual C Runtime Library Error.Fixed crashes when TBMs were launching missiles while standing on construction sites programmatically (assembly * The old area effect fixes growlanser wayfarer of time english iso are not longer needed and were removed (citizens near TBMs will be able to move/build when a missile is being launched).To je prozatím ve kdytak jet nco doplním.This fix causes crowns powers affecting Spies to also affect Scouts.Improved sound volumes, new alert siren for epoch 10-12, fixed no-alert siren bug in EE2: AOS, - New UP1.5 units and buildings: * Water Weel / Water Tower (10 resources gaining bonus, 30 citizens health, 5 faster foot units * Tractor (faster food from.Fedora) - Adjust the minimum number wwe 13 game for wii of players to start the e new values for 16, 32 and 64 players are 6, 6 and 8 respectively.
Installing additional updates won't be needed, * Bugs: sometimes you can't see / refresh games list (re-log is required hardly ever server crashes, but is auto-restarted.
Produced in Barracks; * Added Pseudo-Music Carriages, produced in the Spanish Blockhouse (City Center - City Builder - Spanish Blockhouse - Tanks and hercs are now 2x stronger (doubled attack damage and health).