Cios 222 installer wii

cios 222 installer wii

WeHackWii recommends the use of cIOS222 installed as IOS38 merged with IOS37 over any other cIOS.
These cIOS files are often built up from official IOS files and then installed as a new file, on your Wii they will idm 6.17 keygen and patch always simply be labeled as an IOS.
Hackers of the Wii will utilize and modify the functionality of the official IOS files to their own end.Use NUS Downloader to get IOS37 v3612: Select title ID v3612, ensure the Pack- WAD option is NOT checked.Click Start NUS Download!Select to Install Custom IOS 224 v 65535 and push.To select only specific games to use Hermes' IOS, select each game and push 1 and you will see an option to change IOS to 224-mload.Put your SD card back in your Wii.Start HomeBrew Channel and start the cIOS 222 Installer.To fix this you need to install Hermes cIOS 222 in 38 merged with 37 mode, and then tell usbloaderGX to use IOS 222 to launch the game.IOS 60 merged with 38 which gives you the option of using IOS 223 to try to get games working which might be particularly stubborn, but I didnt bother doing this additional step as I dont have anything that wont run anymore!This makes things slightly easier.Read this first, hermes' IOS can actually be inserted into other slots and we are going to make use of that. Linux users may be able to use.Choose IOS36 for install, install Custom IOS 222, use IOS38 merged with IOS37.Now, when you want to run something like Rock Band 2, just use usbloaderGX as normal, but when you select the game, select.
Wait for download to complete (either from network or from the SD).
Waninkoko originally modified IOS36 and installed it as IOS249.