Counter strike source update 2015

counter strike source update 2015

There were plenty of memorable frags, clutches, and comebacks during the 16-team, four-day event, the best of which I ve collected here.
Fixed a bug where some sounds would play multiple times when observing.
Fixed small walls at Outside Tunnels not being reliably jump-able.
Removed taxi sign from certain car models.Improved resolution and quality of hrtf algorithm.Fixed clip that players could get stuck on in Pit Plat.Removed small port hole windows from towers at Short A for visibility.Upped contrast for some cover props at Bombsite.The ESL One Cologne 2014 CS:GO championship went down as the most-watched Counter-Strike event in history, with over 400,000 combined viewers watching live in-game or through the ESL stream over the weekend.Eventually we intend to turn this feature on for all users, but at the moment it can be carnage incredible episode 011 controlled by the convar snd_occlusion.Removed rollup door on Salon for visibility.About This Game, be first.Fixed case where players could be blinded by a flashbang outside the map and out of line of sight.Addressed some visibility issues in Back B Plat.Misc Both Perfect World Sticker Capsule Limited Time Offers and Graffiti Capsule Limited Time Offers are now available worldwide.Set surfaceproperty on Cars to metalvehicle.Sound, added a new audio occlusion model for CS:GO ( disabled by default ).Dignitas dupreeh walks through smoke and is rewarded for a moment.Fixed some noisy walls in Tunnels for visibility.Audio, enabled new audio occlusion system for all players.Smoothed out terrain by CT spawn to allow smoking off from X-Box.
Fixed interpenetrating barrels at Mid.
Improved vrad performance in certain cases.