Cyberlink powerdirector ultra 10 review

cyberlink powerdirector ultra 10 review

This year they have added the ability to apply LUTs to the basic color adjustemnt and correction module contained within PowerDirector itself.
PowerDirector 16 is offered by CyberLink at 4 separate levels and as with all things in life you get what you pay for.This year CyberLink have added an automatic audio ducking feature that analyzes the overall sound track, identifies when there is voice and when there is none and adjusts the volume of the backing track accordingly.CyberLink's PowerDirector splashes with 360-degree video-editing mojo.As CyberLink alternatively describes it, this remote desktop client manager suite is an "11-in-1 Digital Media Value Pack." Now if the company would only add that darn DirectShow support.The Ultimate version (129.99) is augmented with extras like multiple NewBlue and proDAD video-effects packs and specialized templates.It is a great system in theory but one of the probelms was that the Shadow Files were created at a very low resolution making the editing process a little unreal.CyberLink have leveraged that ability into now allowing for the first time at the consumer level of the market the ability to apply stabilization to 360 video footage.It is a long fiddly process that takes forever in most cases and it is technically called audio ducking.CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Ultra, editor's choice, the good.Of course, the program also supports the usual targets, namely Android and iOS phones and tablets.You are totally safe to get this one knowing this CyberLink product is still the best in its class and has been for years.Performance, i tested PowerDirector on an HP Spectre x360 laptop running Windows 10 Home.Finer control over those elements is available, if you have more time to be creative.Click Here to See CyberLink PowerDirector 16 for Yourself Next Page: CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Review Part.