Dell latitude d820 manual

dell latitude d820 manual

Removing the Display Latch caution: Before performing the following procedures, follow the safety instructions startup programs in windows 8 in the Product Information Guide.
Grasp the battery by the battery tab and slide the battery horizontally toward the side.
Turn over the computer.
If one or more corners of the module are higher than the others, the module is not.If you do not have a bios-update program CD, flash the bios from the hard drive.Notice: To prevent data loss, turn off your computer before removing the hard drive.Pciven_8086 DEV_3584, chipset 6, A09.Notice: To avoid damaging the system board, you must remove the main battery before you beg.Palm Rest Fan, coin-Cell Battery Flashing the bios, modem Pinout Assignments for I/O Connectors.When the processor module is correctly seated, all four corners are aligned at the same height.L You have.Unless otherwise noted, each procedure assumes that the following conditions exist: l You have performed the steps in Turning Off Your Computer and Before Working Inside Your Computer.Remove the four screws from the left display-panel side bracket and lift away the bracket.Lift the display assembly out of the computer base.Pciven_8086 DEV_2579, chipset 6, A09.Align the pin-1 corner of the processor module so that it points to the triangle on the system board, and insert the processor module into the ZIF socket.1.5 x 8-mm screws (2) .From the back of the computer, remove the two.5 x 8-mm screws.1 display latch 2 display 3 hinge cover 4 keyboard 5 palm rest 6 system boa.Pciven_8086 DEV_3585, chipset 6, A09.Caution: To prevent static damage to components inside your computer, discharg. Removing the Display Panel caution: Before performing the following procedures, follow the safety instructions in the Product Information Guide.
Pciven_8086 DEV_3341, chipset 6, A09.