Desktop engineer interview questions answers pdf

desktop engineer interview questions answers pdf

VPN is cost effective (No Costly).
A: i files are photo funny image editor required in booting Windows operating systems, starting with Windows.
This server also provides the connectivity between two or more office in the network.
Managing and troubleshooting access to dot net framework 4.5 on windows xp shared folders.Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (dhcp) is used to assign dynamic IP addresses to network devices, allowing them to have a different IP address each time they are connected to the network.Describe how you have worked with your staff members to determine solutions to major issues.44) What is the use of Safe Mode?Desktop engineers need to have extensive knowledge of the software used by the business, as well as the operating systems and hardware peripherals that may be in use.When ntldr file will be currupt then its showing error at booting time ntldr Missing.Q: Which Windows OS are you most comfortable with?When you start your computer then it will boot with Opearting System.It is support Multiple precessor.Comodo and Zone Alarm are two commonly used firewalls.IAS server is also known as radius Server.Q: Why do we use dhcp?It is faster then Serial port.
27) Can you please explain the difference between RAM and ROM?