Dictionary meaning of love

dictionary meaning of love

( adorable person ) he's a little love es un cielo, es un encanto be a love and make us a cup of tea venga, cielo or cariño, prepáranos una taza de.
They both love dancing.
Liking, inclination, regard, friendliness.
Beta, these examples are from external sources.To fall in love tomber amoureux / euse to fall in love with sb tomber amoureux / euse de qn to make love faire l'amour to make love to sb faire l'amour avec qn love at first sight le coup de foudre (in greetings).( like very much ) I love strawberries me encantan las fresas I love Madrid me encanta Madrid, me gusta muchísimo Madrid "would you like a drink?" - "I'd love one" -quieres tomar algo?Synonyms, see more synonyms on.Vt ( person, spouse, child ) amare ; ( relative, friend ) voler bene a ; ( food, activity, place ) amare, adorare he loves tennis/Florence gli piace (molto) il tennis / Firenze he loves swimming or to swim gli piace (molto) nuotare I'd love.Ballet is the love of her life; Goodbye, love!Wikipedia, she is then seen sitting against a wall while the love interest gestures to the other side, attempting to reach out to her.Thing, activity adorer I love chocolate J'adore le chocolat.His wife would love him to give up his job Sa femme aimerait beaucoup qu'il démissionne.) ( woo ) hacer la corte or el amor a algn there is no love lost between them no se pueden ver I wouldn't do it for love nor money no lo haría por nada del mundo it wasn't to be had for love.Wikipedia, this, he implies, kiran typing tutor for windows 8 is true religion: to be able to love the sinner and, indeed, to become like the sinner, for only then can one appreciate the nature of sin.; he studies history for the love of it er studiert Geschichte aus Liebe zur Sache ; to be in love (with the law of nines pdf somebody) (in jdn) verliebt sein; to fall in love (with somebody) sich (in jdn) verlieben ; there is no love lost between them.I'd love a beer daría cualquier cosa por una cerveza he loves swimming; he loves to swim le encanta nadar, le gusta muchísimo nadar I'd love to come me encantaría ir, me gustaría muchísimo ir I'd love to!From Wikipedia He had tried to fool her into thinking he was someone else so that she would fall in love and marry him.( feel affection for ) querer, amar (frm) you don't love me any more ya no me quieres I loved that boy as if he were my own son quería a ese chico como si fuera mi hijo love thy neighbour as thyself ama.
(tennis) "15 love" "15 à rien "15 à zéro " vt lover, partner, child, parents aimer I love you Je t'aime.
( liking ) of activity, food, place afición f, pasión f her love of colour comes out in her garden su afición f or pasión f por el colorido se refleja en su jardín he studies history for the love of it estudia historia por.