Disk doubler mac os x

disk doubler mac os x

There is no way to specify/order this data interface with Apple, but you can confirm what interface version your optical bay offers by using 'About this Mac, More Info, Serial-ATA' info display.
Hi - I also have some critical files saved in disc doubler format that I would like to be able to open.
For guaranteed reliability/compatibility, we suggest 6Gb/s drives be used in the main drive bay only, and 3Gb/s hard drives or SSDs be used in the optical bay when a two-drive configuration is desired.
Anybody have any suggestions about what I might be able to substitute to make the these files de-compress?Note: Apple's DVD Player application only works with an internal optical drive or Apple's external SuperDrive.Optical BAY: The optical bay interface may either be sata Revision.0 3Gb/s (300MB/s max) OR sata Revision.0 6Gb/s.I presume you have System.While we have observed a high rate of success using sata.0 6Gb/s drives in Apple 13" bays where 6Gb/s link is present, some systems may not operate properly with this setup.If your OWC Data Doubler bundle comes with a 6G drive, you should only install that drive in the main drive bay and utilize the Data Doubler to re-task your existing drive or install a new 3G SSD or HDD in the optical bay.After successfully applying this update, your Boot ROM Version will be: MBP81.0047.B1E.(Model IDs: MacBookPro5,1; 5,2; 5,3; 5,4; 5,5 and MacBook5,1; 6,1; 7,1).OWC SuperSlim, we recommend the free VLC Player, which can be downloaded from deolan.I am trying to open some old files back from when I used Mac.5,.0,.0. 09:37 PM #1 opening old disk doubler files, i've been trying to open old files saved to floppies that were compressed with Salient's Disk Doubler file compression software from years the wizard of oz pdf back.While a 6G SSD does function, it will only do so at sata Revision.0 (1.5Gb/s) speeds rather that the sata Revision.0 (3.0Gb/s) speed the machine can deliver.Since DD is incredibly hard to find online (impossible for me, I finally got it off an old backup CD-ROM I've uploaded it here to share with anyone else who had this problem: DiskDoubler Pro.1 for Mac.Testing has demonstrated that Apple factory hardware does not reliably support a 6G (6Gb/s) Solid State Drive or Hard Disk Drive in the optical bay of 20 MacBook Pros (Model ID 8,1; 8,2; 8,3; 9,1; 9,2).
Should owners of these machines desire another SSD option, the.
Mercury Electra 3G SSD does run at the full sata Revision.0 (3Gb/s) specification.