Estimation and costing books

estimation and costing books

Water supply and sanitary arangements 12 Electrification7 Fluctuation of rates 5 petty supervision charges 3 sol: CostofBuilding 226x 2500.5,65,000 Water supply Sanitory arrangements @.12000,65,5.
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Plasteringtoallexposed surfaces of brick work and basement with.M (1:5) Whitewashingwithbest shelllime Flooringwithspartektiles set.M (1:3) Paintingwithreadymixed enamelpaint Povisionforwatersupply andsanitaryarangements cricket games 2010 utorrent @12.5 Provisionforelectrification @7.5 Povisionforarchitectural appearance @2 Provisionforunforeseen items2 d [email protected] 151.18 151.18.875.
Masonry for footings and Basement.765. Total.5.5 Total.6.6 Total.00.00 Total. m3 m3 m3 m3 m3 Long wall - Short wall Method Measurement of Materials and Works.Brick layer II Class.5.These rates are incorporated in the standard schedule of rates.Lead statement: The distance between the source of availability of material dfx full version 64 bit and construction site is known as "Lead " and is expected.29 Estimation and Costing Abstract estimate of single roomed building (load bearing structure).Per Leadin Km Conveyance ChargesperKm mmHBGmetal Sand Brickscountry Cement m3 m3 1000Nos 10KN or 1tonne 16 18 atsite atsite.600/m3.300/m3 - - Labour charges: i) Mason-.ul li This can not be charged directly expenses other than direct cost are known as overhead cost or Indirect expenses, ex:- Administrative expenses, selling and distribution expenses, etc.Case studies that illustrate best practices.Find the quantity of Essay Type Questions:.25 Estimation and [email protected] Example8.6:- inbelow soak PIT.Q Explanation Earthworkexcationupto.L.76 Example2:ntel Estimation of Quantities of Steel.C.C.The side slopes are 2:1 The depth along the centre line road at 50m intervals are.25,.10,.50,.20,.0,1.10,.15m calculate the Quantity of earth work by a) Midsectionalrule b) Trepezoidalrule c) Prismoidalrule a) Mid Sectional rule : b10m,.M3 1m3 m3 10m3 m3 m3 m3 m3 m2 m2 10m2 10m2 10m2 10m2 1653.00 164.77.50 34775.00 464.00 81417.60 24765.20 56223.70 7383.40 9900.00 33120.00 14282.30 3436.50 21509.50 1537.65 306945.35 38368.20 23020.90 6138.90 6138.90 12277.80 392890.00 Detail Abstract Estimates of Buildings.Electrical Estimating Methods, Fourth Edition is a comprehensive guide to estimating electrical costs, with data provided by leading construction database RS Means.Prototype Commercial Buildings for Energy and Sustainability Assessment: Design Specification, Life-cycle Costing and Carbon Assessment by Joshua.Add to Cart 2017 Construction Cost Indexes-January.DescriptionofItem Quantity Unit Rate Per Amount 20mmhbgmetal Sand Cement Mason Ist Class Manmazdoor Women Mazdoor Vibratingcharges Machinymixingconcrete Add Extra 15on.L. Cum cum Cum No No No Cum Cum 797.75 284.80 2700.00 180.00 131.00 101.00 101.00.80.X2 1x1 1x1.4.70.839 -.15.70 x750 -.30.30 Total 629.25N - 1 No 1nos.S.S.223.1887.11.92 Kgs 2Nos 1 No 1.S.S. 105.