Financial statement analysis powerpoint presentation

financial statement analysis powerpoint presentation

Moreover, such ratios provide a basis for comparing two or more firms whose sizes and even currencies may be different.
10 Slide11 Comparative Statements Calculate Change in Dollar Amount Dollarchange Analysis period amount Base periodamount รข When measuring the amount of the change in dollar amounts, compare the analysis period balance to 22 most used fonts by professional designers the base period balance.
This disclosure is usually given only in the domestic or reporting currency.
Corporate Motivations: Corporate Motivations Achieving growth through external acquisitions Circumventing national trade barriers to gain market access Securing strategic sources of raw materials Exploiting comparative production efficiencies.A Global Perspective on Earnings Management: A Global Perspective on Earnings Management How do Anglo-American earnings compare with continental Europe and Japan?Inventory Ratio: Inventory Turnover OIndicates how often the organization sells and replaces its inventory over a specified period of time Inventory Turnover Cost of Goods Sold Average Inventory.The Statements contained are: Trial Balance: Register Credits and Debits for your books.But it doesnt seem to be all that effective.Then the various calculations are performed on the reformulated and adjusted financial statements.For example, return on equity (ROE is defined as earnings divided by average equity.Variance between planned/budget and actual, see more in this slide makeover example.Source: Financial Statement Analysis PowerPoint document.Stock Market Comparisons: Stock english russian english dictionary 3.7 ipa Market Comparisons, international Accounting Differences and Financial Statement Analysis: International Accounting Differences and Financial Statement Analysis A tendency exists to looks at earnings from a home country perspective This tendency may ignore accounting differences A need exists to better understand foreign.Include borrowing and repaying funds with bonds and other loans; contributions and withdrawals by owners and their return on investment.Slide35: Two questions should be asked: What significant patterns and relationships exist in the financial statements?
Factors Influencing Measurement Differences : Factors Influencing Measurement Differences Continental Europe and Japan Taxation and sources of finance are influential Tradition of commercial codes and accounting plans Tendency to report lower earnings for tax purposes.