Fionna and cake full episode

fionna and cake full episode

I hope y'all like." 2 This became the season 5 episode " Bad Little Boy." The music used in the beginning of the Comic-con preview was the same music heard in the beginning of " The Enchiridion!
All the characters are the opposite of their usual genders, so Finn becomes Fiona, Princess Bubblegum become Prince Gumball and.
Later the group flies off on Lord Monochromicorn, and Prince Gumball sings about Fionna while Cake plays along on her logo creator mac os dulcimer.Trivia This episode premiered to a total.315 million viewers, making it Cartoon Network's highest-rated telecast for 2011.Gallery Production art Promo picture by storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar Ice Queen Marshall Lee Lumpy Space Princess (Lumpy Space Prince) Starchy (Female) Candy Person #59 (Male) Tree Trunks (male version) Add a photo to this gallery Fionna Cake Background art Screenshots "Throw it, Cake!" Jelly.Airdate: September 5, gamehouse game collection full 2011, read transcript fionna and Cake " is the ninth episode in the third season.Prince Gumball is seen talking to the female Cinnamon Bun, then he comes to Fionna and takes her to his room, decorated with candles and rose petals, and locks the door.Gumball puts Flame Prince inside his oven until they find a way to help him and Fionna goes to the bathroom.In the theme song, the sky is seen a lighter shade of blue, and the mountain that the main characters climb at the end does not have skulls, as opposed to the regular theme song.However, they soon become so infatuated with him that they capture Lumpy Space Prince and stick him in a glass ball for display.Aside from the main characters, most of the Candy People (including Lollipop Girl and.Cupcake ) and Tree Trunks have had their genders reversed.Suddenly Prince Gumball dives under the flowers and disappears.The original source of the leak is currently unknown.Cake turns into a morning star that Fionna uses to smash the slush monster, with Ice Queen and Gumball inside.As the fangirls leave, Lumpy Space Prince gives Fionna back her wand sword and apologizes.Fionna's ball gown is almost a carbon-copy of Princess Serenity 's gown from Sailor Moon.A similar leak occurred in March 2012, when the Season 4 episode " Hot to the Touch " was leaked on.Characters Major characters Minor characters Opening sequence only Music Opening sequence This episode features a modified version of the Adventure Time Theme Song, sung by Natasha Allegri instead of Pendleton Ward.
Undaunted, Fionna uses the ice to beat Ice Queen over the head.
Rebecca Sugar and Cole Sanchez wrote.