Focusrite saffire pro 40 latency

focusrite saffire pro 40 latency

Focusrite initially told me that two Saffire Pro 40s could be used at the same time, but apparently this is not the case.
I say "in theory, because although the Mono button lights up whenever clicked, it doesn't actually do anything unless the Stereo monitoring preset is both selected and unmodified.Once you've got your head round the control panel software, it offers an impressively flexible means of setting up monitor mixes, and the Loopback facility (see box, left) is a lot more useful than I expected.Albeit this is on a Windows 8 PC with an i7 quad core, but I come from the early days of computer recording where latency was always the primary concern.These show up in the list of inputs that are available to your recording program, and from there on in, it's plain sailing.For any problem you may be experiencing, please ensure that you have the latest software for the Pro 40 from here.Hardware metering is superior to that on the MAudio or Presonus offerings, with a fiveLED 'ladder' display for each of the eight analogue inputs.The locked light is not lit.Given that most of my money was originally invested in Pro Tools plugins that I can no longer use, it's nice to have something other than the stock Cubase plugins available.For some reason, my Windows XP laptop wouldn't recognise the Saffire the first time I installed the driver software, but second time around everything worked fine.It also includes a useful monitor control section.Digital outputs: stereo coaxial S/pdif, optical S/pdif or adat.As I'm typing this, my ProFire 610 has been running trouble-free for about a week, but I never know when the next weird occurrence will be, when I get no audio output, or my midi stops working, or I get crackling while recording.Either the frontpanel Monitor level control or the mouse can be used to set a master level that can apply to any or all the analogue outputs, and there are also hardware Mute and Dim controls.However, as the latency-free monitoring in the Saffire PRO range is achieved using internal routing, it is not possible to create a single latency-free monitoring mix for both units using the FireWire connection alone.I think the pro studio had one of their higher-end pres, but I never used it much that I recall.I needed midi so I could interface my drum machines and keyboards.By selecting adat or analogue inputs/outputs rather than S/pdif inputs/outputs, it is possible to achieve latency-free monitoring via either adat or the analogue inputs/outputs if desired.Like their rivals, Focusrite lay much stress on the quality of the preamps in the Saffire Pro 40, and they certainly deliver decent performance for the money.You can't have it all perhaps, though they all seem to come close.The routing and monitor sections have their own file update kaspersky 2012 presets that can be stored independently of global settings.Analogue inputs: eight, balanced, on combi XLRs.