Futura extra black condensed font

futura extra black condensed font

Another important Bodoni optimized for canon optura 20 manual book printing (9 point) is G√ľnther Gerhard Lange's "Bodoni Old Face" from the Berthold library.
As it had been a standard type for many years, Bodoni was widely available in cold type.
The Encyclopedia of Type Faces."Martha Stewart's Graphic Design for Living".Bodoni is used in THX 's early trailers like Broadway and Cimarron.Nesbitt, Alexander The History and Technique of Lettering Dover Publications: 1975.Versions of Bodoni that are intended to be used at text size are "Bodoni Old Face optimized for 9 points; ITC Bodoni 12 (for 12 points and ITC Bodoni 6 (for 6 points).They came to be called 'modern' serif fonts and then, until the mid-20th century, they were known as Didone designs.Bodoni had a long career and his designs changed and varied, ending with a typeface of a slightly condensed underlying structure with flat, unbracketed serifs, extreme contrast between thick and thin strokes, and an overall geometric construction.A Sketch of a Tour on the Continent, in the Years.G H 72, h I 73, i J 74 J K 75 K L 76 L M 77 M N 78 N O 79 O P 80 P Q 81 Q R asphalt nitro gameloft game 82 R S 83 S T 84 T U 85 U.His paper is all made at Parma.Waltz, bad nymph, for quick jigs vex!23 However, some details were less based on Bodoni than on the work of his French contemporary Firmin Didot, for example a 't' with a flat rather than slanted top.Retrieved rd, Thomas Curson (1825).This revival is regarded as "the first accurate revival of a historical face for general printing and design applications".Nothing could exceed his civility in showing us numbers of the beautiful productions of his well as the operations of casting and finishing the letters.De Jong, Alston."Size-specific Adjustments to Type Designs".