Gibbed mass effect 2 save editor mass effect 1 values

gibbed mass effect 2 save editor mass effect 1 values

Do this before starting a new game and these values will be actual for free: just forget about refueling for whole game.
SfxcameraMode FOV N, where N is the desired value for the FOV: 75 is the game's default value, and it is suggested that values in the range.120 (inclusive) works best.
Change Bedding on Shepards Bed.
Level List Edit BioP_Nor Normandy SR-2 BioP_CitHub Citadel - Zakera Ward BioP_KroHub Tuchanka - Urdnot Camp BioP_OmgHub Omega - Merchant District BioP_TwrHub Illium - Nos Astra BioP_ProNor Normandy SR-1 BioP_ProCer Lazarus Research Station BioP_ProFre Freedom's Progress BioP_HorCr1 Horizon BioP_ShpCr2 Collector Vessel BioP_RprGtA Derelict Reaper BioP_EndGm1.A quick example of the result with one of my Sheps : On the left, we have the custom FemShep mesh as is after import and on the right the same mesh after use of the script.Make sure the modified file is exactly the same size as the original, or the game may crash on load.Sfxgame Variable Description StormRegen regeneration speed of combat storm stamina StormRegenNonCombat regeneration speed of non-combat storm stamina StormStamina determines how long Shepard can storm during combat StormStaminaNonCombat determines how long Shepard can storm outside of combat bioinput Edit This section is where binds can.Changes the covers on Shepards bed choose from a bunch of different comforters to make your captains quarters comfy.It should contain four variables, EezoMineralsBase, PlacedMineralsPool, RandomMineralsBase, and ScanBarMaxMineralSize.Easy to use and enjoy!Femshep Mods: Sims Hair for FemShep, this is my personal hair mod of choice for my Femshep that says Im girly and playful but Ill still kill you.By setting weapon boolean parameters to true sfxgame.First - minimal number, second is the maximum.SfxcameraMode FOV N" ) Now, during combat/traveling mode, a press of the "." key will set the FOV to the value you desire (remember to replace N with a numerical value).See also: PC Tweaks#Commands, command, description, example, giveTalentPoints int value, give (remove) talent points.The script Im talking about that you can download here : The first thing to do is to export your Shepard headmorph with Gibbed Editor.Change the values.0 will cause shield unable to regenerate.SfxgameModeBase in bioinput and change the following line: Bindings( Name"PC_ConvSkip Command"SkipConversation" ) into (all in one line Bindings( Name"PC_ConvSkip Command"set BioConversation m_bSkipRequested true OnRelease set BioConversation m_bSkipRequested false Fix Field of View (FOV) Edit Some players feel that the game's default FOV in combat mode.After a second or two, you should see default custom Shepard transform into your own windows server 2003 enterprise sp2 pt-br Shepard and youre done!AI_BurstFireDelay Time enemies and henchmen wait between firing bursts from cover AI_BurstFireMovingDelay Time enemies and henchmen wait between firing bursts when out of cover AI_HenchBurstFireMultiplier AimCorrectionAmount AmmoPerShot Amount of ammo spent per shot AmmoPrettyName bAdhesionDuringCam bAdhesionEnabled bCanDropAmmo Whether weapon drops ammo or not bCanDropWeapon bFrictionEnabled.
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There is also a profile file called f under the same folder in, usernameDocumentsBioWareMass Effect 2biogameProfile that you may want to backup.