Gradle idea plugin sources

gradle idea plugin sources

When you develop Gradle plugins it's important to have an ability to debug them.
If you want to make this the default behavior, add pendsOn(cleanIdea) to your build script.The workspace file can effectively only be manipulated via the withXml hook because its corresponding domain object is essentially empty.Configuration of the idea plugin Model Reference name Description IdeaModel idea Top level element that enables configuration of the idea plugin in a DSL-friendly fashion IdeaProject oject Allows configuring project information IdeaModule dule Allows configuring module information IdeaWorkspace idea.If true then the user-defined value from nceBuild (or its default value) will be used as a since and an "open" until value.You may also build and install the plugin from source (see below).Notes: Is useful for building plugins against EAP idea builds.IdeaModule - GenerateIdeaModule Generates the.iml file ideaWorkspace - GenerateIdeaWorkspace Generates the.iws file.Download and install the latest released IntelliJ idea Community Edition ; Checkout the latest IntelliJ idea sources ; Open that project (named 'community' ) from the IntelliJ idea; Build the project (make sure to add 'tools.Acceptable Values: true false Default Value: true if CI environment variable is not set localPath - The path to locally installed idea distribution that should be used as a dependency.Check out sources git clone git:t add Gradle build variables, create a custom operties file in the root directory and add a tooling version to use, as in: gradleToolingApiVersion1.12 ideaPluginJdkNameidea IU-135.690, the ideaPluginJdkName should be the version you have referenced in your IntelliJ IDE.It is built overnight and sometimes even more often.How to get assembled gradle plugin.This makes it unnecessary to execute the clean task explicitly.IntelliJ idea, thus making it possible to open the project from idea (File - Open Project).'ildDir/patchedPluginXmlFiles' Publishing DSL The following attributes are apart of the Publishing DSL publishPlugin.Acceptable Values: 'IC' - Community Edition.App' Default Value: none ideaDependencyCachePath -The absolute path to the local directory that should be used for storing idea distributions.Buildscript repositories maven url "adle.PatchPluginXml, collects all plugin.Acceptable Values: version # '2017.2.5' or 'IC-2017.2.5' blood alcohol content (bac) calculator australia build # '172.4343' or 'IU-172.4343' 'latest-EAP-snapshot' 'latest-trunk-snapshot' Default Value: 'latest-EAP-snapshot' type - The type of idea distribution.