Hp hotkeys windows 7

hp hotkeys windows 7

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Holding shift and pressing one of the arrow keys will highlight text in Word (or a group of Excel cells) without the mouse, selecting in the direction the arrow points.
Some features of the tool may not be available at pokemon yellow gameshark cheat list this time.F3, windows, File Explorer: Open search or a search-related feature.Windows desktop: Press Alt F4 to forcibly close a window.Running Win7 Home premium, 64-bit.Consult the software's help menu or support site to find out which keys are supported, and the associated functions for those keys.F5, windows desktop: Refresh the current view.The Best Computer Tips and Tricks: Windows Vista.PowerPoint: Start a slideshow in presentation mode.Windows Right Arrow to snap it to the right.Word, Excel, PowerPoint: Cycle through and highlights menus.Internet Explorer/web browsers: Highlight the address/URL field.Anybody know how I can do this?Word, Excel, PowerPoint: Repeat the last action if possible.Password, privacy Policy, copyright 2017 HP Development Company,.P.Windows Up Arrow maximizes it while, window Down Arrow minimizes.
All you have to do is click on the file, hold, and drag it into its desired location.