Icc fire inspector 1 test questions

icc fire inspector 1 test questions

By doing practice questions and the mahjong titans game for windows 7 taking timed practice exams along with special learning techniques this book will help you:. .
Based on the 2012 ICC, international Fire Code the, international Building Code and Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement 7th Edition by Cliff Burger,.S.It is extremely important to be right on the safety issues in the code.A _ foot clear space shall be maintained around the circumference of fire hydrants except as otherwise required or approved.Questions and Answers.An approved fire safety and evacuation plan shall be prepared and maintained for Group M buildings having an occupant load of _ or more patch 1.26 a warcraft persons or more than _ persons above or below the lowest level of exit discharge.(check all that apply) Discuss.Donate, payday, loans, insurance, roy Halladay 1,000,000 (2 hours ago kristina Cohen 200,000 (7 hours ago).Vehicle impact protection guard posts shall be set with the top of the posts not less than _ feet above ground.(based on 2009 IFC).The height of manual fire alarm boxes shall be a minimum of _ inches and a maximum of _ inches measured vertically, from the floor level to the activating handle or lever of the box.Practice test for Fire Inspector.In a Group I-2 nursing home, the peak rate of heat release for a single upholstered furniture item shall not exceed.
Each exam is new, and was written by a certified inspector with years of experience specializing in the field, and is a great way to prepare for your actual test. .