Jagged alliance back in action artmoney-editor

jagged alliance back in action artmoney-editor

When it's above 80 the AE will receive a H K MP5K with 2 clips.
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In addition, the IMP merc's ingame appearance can be modified.
If the AE has the Skill Stealthy, he or she will get a Silencer.Portrait Edit There are several portraits to choose from.For example, a custom cd dvd burner mac mercenary may get night ops/stealth skills, an aggressive attitude and a psychotic personality trait.The commander can only do this once and the whole process costs 3000.Then continue with the process and your games of barbie dress up mercenary will have every attribute at 100.Friendly personality Question 3 -.For male characters, there is also an option for 'big body' appearance as well as alternate weapon firing animation for such character.If the AE has the Skill Throwing, he or she will get a Throwing Knife.The Unfinished Business' functions are also expanded, now the player can directly choose the abilities, traits, and weakness for the IMP merc.If Medical is below 60 the AE will get a First Aid Kit.It is loosely implied that the.M.P.On the homepage is a prompt for a code (given in the email received earlier) that will allow the player access to the site's features.Alternatively programs such as "Cheat Engine" can be used to modify the status points at the stat point distribution screen.Hand to Hand combat.Is one of the first messages the player finds in their email inbox.None Question 6 -.Site to build a custom mercenary character for use in the game.Danach kauft man im Spiel im Shop etwas damit sich der grey's anatomy season 10 episode 13 kickass Kontostand verändert."While I found IMP's services tailored to the Merc, technicaly we are still investigating their involvement in alleged ilegal activities." -.
None Question 12 -.
Note that selecting one will make him/her be an expert (except ones like "Camouflaged and you can even give no traits to your merc (but not recommended).