Jw player para ipad

jw player para ipad

Once I took this off to try and publish a link it worked.
@Wouter Same, you are using a FLV file here too.To learn more about our use of cookies, please view our.JW Player User Apr 04, 2014 11:15AM EDT 0 rated : Same "No suitable the simpsons season 24 episode 13 players found" here.Your other link isnt using.In mu old iPod says "No suitable players found" That iPod is too old anyway.JW Player User Jan 29, 2014 05:18PM EST 0 rated : Unfortunately the host has refused to.JW Player User Feb 04, 2014 02:19PM EST 0 rated : Hi Ethan, m This works on all other browsers except for iPad and iPhone.After reading a few other posts I asked my hosting company to enable range request headers.The activity list stops after both jwplayer.JW Player User Apr 04, 2014 11:15AM EDT 0 rated : I changed it to an mp4 file, encoded with handbrake, web optimized checked.I would recommend using.264 mp4 iso v2 thus you'll be able to cover all the bases.I will try to ask them to provide the right format.
@Cait Can you ask your host to enable range header requests?