Kaichou wa maid sama episode 14

kaichou wa maid sama episode 14

Aoi decides to enlist them and the Three Idiots to film a music video.
Lol Usui's been calling her even after she got home!Yukimura said he has a suppliment, but it's not in his bag!Enmusubi no Youko-chan, love Live!Then to next topic, about the open school money thing and the treasurer lost his notebook with a guy feeling sleepy.After the Student Council finish making rice balls, the famished sports club members barge in to eat, but discard and unknowingly insult Misaki's rice balls.Aoi arrives and sees them, and tells Misaki to just admit she likes Usui.When Usui arrived there, Kanou already did hypnosis to her and he made her super hate Usui beginning tomorrow.After the UxMishi concert, Misaki tries to find Sakura and Shizuko, only to find Kuuga instead.Despite Aoi's abuses, the crew enjoyed working with 'her' and offer to search for the memory card, which landed below on Usui by chance.Retrieved April 5, 2010.Hinata asks Misaki to "cast a spell" on him so that he can find the cherry tree.Blend S 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season, npapi plugin windows 8 the [email protected] Side M, two Car.She and Usui have an argument on the school rooftop and Usui accidentally drops a photo of her wearing her maid uniform in the direction of the Inuyama brothers.She said she won't change her thought about bringing more girls into school, but will listen to his trouble.9 "Maid-Sama Does Momotaro" "Momotar made mo Meido-sama" May 27, 2010 18 Usui narrates his version of Momotar with Misaki as the titular character, Sakura and Yukimura as her guardians and Momotar's animal companions played by the Idiot Trio.Misaki has to deal with the girls' interest in her relationship with Hinata, as well as both Hinata and Usui vying for her attention.On the day of the festival, things go well and there is a large turnout of girls.Kaichou wa Maid-sama Episode 15 Leave a comment!
The opening theme, titled "My Secret" is performed by Saaya Mizuno; it was released on May 26, 2010 in normal and special editions, 6 and peak ranked 37th on Oricon singles charts.