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Has anyone noticed the direct view I assume it to be her dog standing betwen the Officers legs? If you think he should not be punished I am glad you don't work in my town. No, some of the best cops on the street are ornery and get into some off color incidents once in a while, but don't be so thin skinned as to call for their total demise. Then they van rub that person in the dirt until some one else messes up and then they foget about that too. Why lose a good officer over some bs. These were the top stories on CBSNews.

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This incident does not call for the firing of an excellent veteran officer.

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Cop’s ‘Sex on Car’ Goes Viral

Yep, should not have done this in uniform. The pictures surfaced about two weeks ago, and an internal investigation was launched immediately. And on and on. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Intense winter storm tears through Texas, dumping snow and heavy rain views.

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3 thoughts on “Bert lopez car sex act

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