Linode phpmyadmin ubuntu 12.04

linode phpmyadmin ubuntu 12.04

Try to log in with the admin account here: https d /pfa_746338.
But I've noticed that it doesn't prompt me for a password.Ext Edit /etc/dovecot/nf service lmtp unix_listener mode 0600 user postfix group postfix service auth # Postfix smtp-auth unix_listener mode 0666 Restart services: service dovecot restart service postfix restart You can now add a domain with PostfixAdmin and test your e-mail server.Add -l to avoid scanning e-mails sent by logged in users.apt-get remove mysql-server apt-get remove mysql-client apt-get remove mysql-common apt-get remove phpmyadmin, after resintalling all packages again in the same order as above, during the phpmyadmin install, it gave me the same error.You can use this to access PostfixAdmin and configure domains, e-mail accounts, aliases etc.Any errors are found in logfiles: /var/log/auth.Error 2002 (HY000 Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket var/run/mysqld/ck' (2).I was attempting to run mysql without passwords turned.Options"-u spamass-milter -i -m -r -1 -I" Restart milter: service spamass-milter restart Add a dedicated user for SpamAssassin daemon: adduser -shell /bin/false -home /var/lib/spamassassin -disabled-password -disabled-login -gecos " spamd Edit /etc/default/spamassassin: enabled1 options"-create-prefs californication season 4 episode 8 -max-children 5 -u spamd -g spamd" cron1 Update rules and restart the daemon.Sources used to build this tutorial.Restart Nginx service nginx restart Create a php5-fpm config file: vi /etc/php5/fpm/nf Press i and paste the following in vim, replace d with your info: ssl_ d listen /etc/php5/fpm/socks/ssl_ ck user u1001 group g1001 listen.Install MySQL server and client apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client.40:53 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/lib/mysql and I don't get a prompt to start typing the sql commands to reset the password.I checked and /var/run/mysqld/ck file doesn't not exist.The folder does, but not the file.Install PHP5 and Nginx, at this point I use the Dotdeb repo to install PHP version.5.x.Deny all; access_log error_log error_page 404 /ml; Remove the default site and put your site online: rm ln -s Create the certs folder.
Headers - replace log file - disable log file locking - no maximum log file size - 0 log time - yes use syslog - no log facility (type of syslog message) - LOG_local6 verbose logging - no log level when infected - off log.