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The work was done in the Netherlands. Horseshoe extensions are circular extensions to both sides of the internal opening Fig. Professional Reference articles are designed for health professionals to use. In our practice, we do not use anal probes for depiction of fistula anymore. Those who have demonstrated the positive effect of contrast enhancement have usually used dynamic imaging looking at time intensity curves. Sometimes the dysplasia is too widespread to remove without causing damage to the anus. Dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging of perianal fistulas.

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Occasionally, general physicians or gastroenterologists wish to know if there are any fistulas present at all.

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MRI for assessment of anal fistula

The fistulas, as described by Parks, are represented by differently colored shaded areas: The primary tracks described above can be complicated by secondary tracks. How come I can't find a research project this interesting? Maybe you don't care, maybe you do, but I guess if you really want to prove my point, you'll have to hid me to protect your audience. This is true; however, my purpose in mentioning them was to…. People who have had many sexual partners may have already been infected with certain HPV types and the vaccine may not work.

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