Metal and lace game

metal and lace game

Just pick your Robo Babe and fight it out with all the other ones.
Metal Lace is an anime-style fighting game based on the Japanese-only.
Dec, 1993 46 out of 100 46 Power Play Jan, 1994 12 out of 100 12 Computer Gaming World (CGW) Feb, 1994 Unscored Unscored add review Forums There are currently no topics for this game.Part of the Following Groups, user Reviews review game, critic Reviews.Click the link below to start downloading.You have 5000 cash.You purchase a battle mech suit, equip it with special gooreader paid version crack items, and fight women."Power moves" take off nearly 1/2 of your life, and can be recharged almost instantaneously after using one, making the game turn into a serious spam fest if you want to go down that road.When you win a match you get the general bondage/dildo static.GIF scenes with the vagoos blurred out, but it depends on how well you did in the match (to get three pictures you have to win without losing a round, otherwise you only get two.Unlike the previous game this is a straight-ahead fighter.For the time, they're pretty good as stacked up to other games, but the sprites in battle still aren't very inspiring and the backgrounds have a decent amount of detail but aren't particularly exciting.The characters have blocky movement and cheap special attacks.In-between fights, you can converse with the patrons of a local bar and/or shop for parts.If they tuned up this fighting engine and brought back the One Must Fall upgrade elements they'd actually have a pretty good game on their hands.You can help with a small donation: you choose the amount.Fairly generic fighting game music, but it's energetic and competently made.After you have beaten your opponents enough times, they 'bare all'.The sound effects are limited to cheap clicks and clangs, but I did enjoy the music.Your reward is usually erotic pictures of the defeated girls.The characters in the bar and the parts stores are very animated and some are quite funny.
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