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When I was ten, my parents took me to a breast surgeon fearing that I had breast cancer. When a man did want to fuck me, finally, all I could think about was the time my grandfather felt me up and why I was unfuckable to him. My skin wanted to leap off of me and fling itself around his body. Previous Post Wake in the Sky. However, eventually, I found my way and came into my own as a whole person. Questions about my sexual future remained in a vortex of fear and curiosity and self loathing about the boobsie twins.

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One morning, after two weeks, he disappeared.

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His response at the time was fascinating, although in hindsight it was pretty generic: His insistence that I was molested was met with fierce defiance and persistence that I was felt up. At sunset, we would share a lawn chair and talk. Whispers surfaced about them physically abusing him. You get the idea. Holy shitI thought, maybe I am fuckable!

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