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But her roaming eyes were then interrupted by his words. The first to go were the fish and it took some time for them to do so since avoiding the bones was a must. She then rubbed her chin in wonder. Naruto turned and nodded towards Tenten happy to see that she was now awake, that way they could work up a plan on how to survive here on this island. And Naruto was smart enough not to resist Tenten at all as she was doing this to him. And they might be on pirate vessels due to the design and the flags of a notorious pirate group. And as she did, Tenten's expression turned immediately into a scowl.

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He had been surprised to discover that he was going alone with Tenten and the other teams were elsewhere.

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Naruto Hinata Shion She took in a breath of air. You were always standing up for yourself and you might not remember this, but you stood up for me when I was still little. Naruto was currently getting ready for the mission that was taking him and Tenten to the Land of the Sea. He thought what the man said was ye another result of his perverted mind and imagination, but now it seemed that Jiraiya was right on the money on this one, as he could not help but notice that he himself was getting turned on as well by that. As she touched it gently she then took hold of his pants, removed it with some help from him. She held the sakura blossom with one hand, and held Naruto's hand in the other.

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naruto sex with ten ten
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naruto sex with ten ten
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