Nba 2k14 hex editor

nba 2k14 hex editor

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The scoreboard logos was in the texture, like this.This global features different body types and sweat patterns from the default global, and is technically also the base for the PBA 2K14 and fiba 2K14 global.However, with my limited experience in modifying globals, it only shows up on white socks and does not show up in black socks (thus, making black socks appear like regular black socks).Download Med's NBA 2K14 Global, download Now, newer Posts.I am also still unable to assign team colors to the socks like the striped long socks, something I believe can be achieved through hex editing which I have no experience.This also has the Leg Sleeves looking like very long Knee Sleeves with the socks shown.This mod pack will fix this kind of issues in the game, thanks to nbamodder for hex-editing all the jerseys to achieve the true colors.Description: We all know that lots of jerseys in NBA 2K14 are way off in terms of color.Huge credits to him for providing the base of this global.Created by: nbamodder, download: Mega, mediafire, box 4shared.Cleveland Cavaliers, dallas Mavericks, denver Nuggets, detroit Pistons.Due to popular demand, I will be releasing my personally modified NBA 2K14 global.Knee sleeves are much longer in this global as well compared to its default length.".applaud: The Scoreboard texture was officially made by me (Ng Maker).Golden State Warriors, houston Rockets, indiana Pacers, los Angeles Clippers.Med's NBA 2K14 Global, this global is based on CAM's final global that was released before he unofficially retired.
Filenames: uh000.iff, uh001.iff, uh002.iff, uh003.iff, uh004.iff, uh005.iff, uh006.iff, uh007.iff, uh009.iff, uh010.iff, uh011.iff, uh012.iff, uh013.iff, uh014.iff, uh015.iff, uh016.iff, uh017.iff, uh018.iff, uh019.iff, uh020.iff, uh021.iff, uh022.iff, uh023.iff, uh024.iff, uh025.iff, uh026.iff, uh027.iff, uh028.iff, uh029.iff, uh031.iff.
Having been based onCAM's final global, it has the Adidas Leg Sleeves (made popular by Derrick Rose replacing the default Hex Pad Leg Sleeves in the accessories.