New york city air conditioner installation rules

new york city air conditioner installation rules

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Be careful not to cut your hand or arm on the sharp metal grate that is common on the back of most models.Power drill, screwdriver, foam seal, step 1: Assemble your unit, most residential window units are made with a top rail and accordion-like panels that will help keep bugs and rodents out.Install the AC unit so it remains in place when the window is opened, or affix it so that the window cant be opened accidentally.575 Lexington Avenue, Fl 4, New York, NY, 10022, phone: 718.668.4507 Fax: 646.514.2780, e-mail: Call Neptune Air Conditioning at for.Each one of our technicians have years of experience in all aspects of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.The cheapest options you could get from spots like Home Depot or Amazon start at just over 100 - though you will want to pay a bit more for the long-term savings (and environmental karma) youll get out of an energy-efficient model.Objects or shims used to adjust the position of the AC unit must have an independent source of fastening or attachment.Single AC Bracket, Friedrich AC Support Bracket, Metal AC Bracket, AC Support Cradles, Angle/Bar.All of our service project managers, as well as our customer service representatives and dispatchers, are experts in air conditioning and are able to help you throughout the entire process.Regardless of what type of air conditioning system you currently have, or your needs for air conditioning installation in NYC, we have an affordable solution.From the way we insulate our ductwork to the running of the copper refrigeration pipe, our quality is like no other.Eric Vilas-Boas has never let an air conditioner fall out of a window but - as with glacier hiking - theres a first time for everything.
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Prevent your worst nightmare, throughout this process, do not let your.