Npapi plugin windows 8

npapi plugin windows 8

However, I recently installed this same plugin on a Windows 7 machine (with the same version of Firefox) and it now fails to find the functions defined in the plugin, so I get the following error.
Error: meMethod is not virtual keyboard fn key a function.
Null ) meMethod(someParams This is how I understand it should be done and has always worked fine.Nothing has changed at all within the plugin, this errors occurs for any method that is called, not a particular one, and it still works fine on Windows XP machines with no problems.Note: I've also tried logging inside my plugin and it appears it's not even getting in to the NP_Initialize and NP_GetEntryPoints methods.Dependency Walker is showing a error saying that the "side-by-side configuration information is incorrect"?The object is defined as india human development report 2011 pdf follows - object class"someClass" id"pluginobj" I then call methods on it using the following format - if( tElementById pluginobj!I have a npapi plugin which I have written and been using for some time with Firefox.x with no problems.I have seen some suggestions around that it could be to with dependencies and libraries being linked to the plugin, but i'm not sure what could be missing on win 7?Npapi plugin windows.Windows 8 : Chrome support for, npapi plugins Go to chrome flags enable- npapi.Npapi plug -ins serial para muvee autoproducer in, windows 8, metro mode.Npapi plugin which I have written and been using for some time with Firefox.x with no e object is defined as follows - object class someClass id pluginobj type.# You can put your mount lines here.
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