Optima font for word

optima font for word

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Pierre From renowned sign artist Francis Lestingi.
Subtle bowing in of the letters and serifs gives this font its unique hand-lettered personality.With characters having subtly sculpted 3D highlights, with tints of black, with tints of colours, in glittering gold, or in shimmering silver.The designer can put CSS rules in a stylesheet to specify the appearance of content, and use tags and class attributes within tags to select the rule(s) which are to apply to that tag.Kiwi Casual This friendly and relaxed font from veteran sign painter Jeff Marshall is a brushed, single-stroke letterstyle.Kung Faux Easy to read Asian style set from Chuck Davis.It is important to note that real-world fonts typically have only a small subset of the full Unicode character set.Each letter generates a different design.42 Towards the end of the eighteenth century Neoclassicism led to architects increasingly incorporating ancient Greek and Roman designs in contemporary structures.Retrieved "Fontshop lists: Neo-grotesque".Sofia Script This hand-lettered script from Chuck Davis, looks especially nice when used in conjunction with bolder games farm craft 2 letter styles for good contrast.Contains CS and Legacy versions with full alphabet, numbers and punctuation.Microsoft offers a resource to find out what fonts come with their products, though sadly it isnt kept up-to-date.
Features beautifully balanced strokes courtesy of Dave Smith.