Outlook 2003 exchange 2010 keeps asking for password

outlook 2003 exchange 2010 keeps asking for password

Exchange 2007 supports Outlook 2003 better than Exchange 2010 does currently.
Now, on Outlook 2003 clients a password prompt keeps popping up and when the user types in the password the status changes to "Connected" for a seconf, downloads e-mails and then goes "Offline" immediately and asks for the password again.I get away with salt-and-pepper hair and a little extra weight, but its a fact of wizard of oz rsc script technology life that all products have a lifetime and unlike elderly technologists, software doesnt gain an air of gravitas (perhaps!) as they age.Exchange 2010 Throttling Policies.I deleted the public folder and recreated it and voila, no more login prompts.Its really just a perception issue but if a user has multiple clients, theyll notice that new messages show up on their BlackBerry or other device faster than in Outlook 2003.In this situation, Outlook 2007 clients and later-version clients do not open multiple additional connections.A cynic might say that this work has only been done as a result of customer pressure that has forced Microsoft product management to cave in and ship the code.Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 increases the maximum value for.Exchange 2010 dropped support of UDP, which meant that Outlook 2003 had to revert to its backup polling mechanism to detect new messages.Outlook 2003 clients must now reference the Exchange Server 2010 Address Book service when they open shared calendars.Outlook 2003 was great when it first appeared and it has rendered sterling service ever since.Migrate to Exchange 2010 and accept that older clients will have some issues.In the case of OL2003, this results in extra roundtrips for a client to pull notification information from the server as the original call has completed, so the RPC Client Access service has to fire a UDP notification to get the clients attention that.At this point in the lifecycle of Outlook 2003, customers should be looking to migrate to a newer version. .Should never have been an issue as Outlook should be managed through GPO, right? .Management will rightly ask what benefit will be gained from switching over to Outlook 2010 and might opt to stay with older clients unless a solid case can be built to demonstrate real value from the new features.Description of the Outlook 2003 hotfix package (p July 1, 2010 Update to Outlook 2003 to resolve Exchange 2010 coexistence issue in body formatting.When I did this I found that outlook was trying to make a connection to an public folders on an old exchange server that had been decommisioned and that this was happening because the current public folder was redirecting to the old one.Exchange 2003 Updates An error occurs when an Exchange server 2003 user tries to open more than one delegate mailbox of Exchange Server 2010 in Outlook 2003 - Delegate issue resolved with update for Exchange 2003.Unable to view attachments in OWA 2003, when sent from OWA 2010 Coexistence issue for Exchange 2003 OWA users. .Windows XP will transition out of extended support on 8th of April 2014, the, lifecycle sites FAQ has more information and details on support options if you are not able to complete your migration prior to the end of support dates. .