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Velvet visibly bounces when crouching, getting up and running too. Only for Endless Frontier to bring it back in a grand fashion: Yomiko runs away and Nenene gives chase. And then there's the hentai fan-game Phoenix Drivein which female characters' breasts spontaneously Gainax every few seconds, much as humans' eyes spontaneously blink. Although her design in the first few games was relatively more conservative, the anime and the 2D Jiggle Physics in The King of Fighters videogames resulted in her Flanderization into a walking incarnation of this trope.

It isn't just the chase scene.

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Posted March 20, Newer anime seasons also made up for this by having Amelia be subjected to breast-squeezing Combat Tentacles in one battle, and then having her tunic partially ripped from her breasts after another battle. Issun rarely refers to her as anything but "busty babe", even to her face. Unless, of course, your characters are either always nude or always wearing BBB-enabled clothes. Digimon Xros Wars has Lilithmon and her boobs she even fondles with themand then there's Mervamon for the good guys the opening even has her boobs bounce! Posted March 13, You can do better.

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