Photoshop touch for ipad 2

photoshop touch for ipad 2

Anyone expecting any new features over the the incredible machine 2 game Android version will be disappointed.
The main problem lies with the hardware.Some add things like drop shadows, blurs and glows and others are more artistic.Also, whereas we noticed the Android setup was quite slow to respond to some actions, on the iPad 2, Photoshop Touch responds much more quickly and smoothly to simple finger gestures.The app only supports 3 styli at the moment: the.At the time, Adobe stated that they were working on a version for the iPad, and now, after a gestation of a couple of months, Photoshop Touch is finally available for Apples iPad 2 (and the forthcoming new-generation iPad though the original model is not.It is nice to look at, fairly well-featured, very easy to use, and it's good value.99.Compatible with iPad 2 or later, requires iOS5 or later.Version.4 of Adobe Photoshop Touch brings a number of improvements, most notably iPad mini optimization and pressure-sensitive stylus support.Need a cloning tool?So how do all these options fit into the limited space of the iPad?Photoshop Touch for iPad has the same functionality, and the same restrictions as the original (including the 1600x1600 pixel resolution limit for images).Todays update also includes smoother brush strokes, and the Lens Flare and Stamp Pattern special effects.All sorts of fun.Click Done to proceed to the editing area.Not by a long shot.
With the texture layer still targeted you can apply a filter to it by clicking the FX button.
So, I looked at Photoshop Touch in this light I wanted to see if it would be part of my iPad image creative workflow.