Pokemon platinum gba games

pokemon platinum gba games

Graphics 10, sound 8, addictive.
Overall I scored the addictiveness a ten mainly because I like the fact that this game was harder because I've always felt that the majority of pokemon games were too easy to beat, so I really felt that this game stood out more in addictiveness.
I have to give credit to Wesley FG, the pokemon look exactly like they do in prior games, and the hack itself looks as if it could pass for an actual pokemon game.
Check here for more information.Sinnoh is noted by gamers as the largest region in the game which features expansive graphical presentations making it easier for the gamer to be relatively connected to the game.Story: 4, generally speaking, Pokemon games have never really been known for having an incredibly detailed plot or storyline which I think is a good thing because it would take away from the gameplay experience.Simple interface and straight to the point; this is how the gamers describe their experience in completing this version of the Pokemon game series.You don't have to have prior pokemon experience to play it, although it might help?All I can really say is, it is important to take the time to create a balanced team because you will be faced against a variety of trainers with different pokemon.What makes Pokemon rather interesting to a lot of gamers is that it shapes the thinking of the gamer as he goes on from one challenging stage towards the other.Other than that, you should also take the the time to properly train your team and level them up because this game has two regions, and it is significant;y more challenging than your average pokemon game.Check out here for more information #9 Pokemon Silver GBA, extensive stories from every victory gives this Pokemon game a better form of control on how the gamers are directed to become highly effective in viewing their chances of winning.This is one of the best Pokemon GBA games that brings excitement for both adult and children alike.#6 Pokemon Diamond GBA, pokemon Diamond GBA features adventures of a young pokemon trainer battling and also preventing the schemes of a criminal organization.With a playing gadget, this version of the Pokemon game takes a role playing option that puts the player in the place of control of the situation that their player characters get through.Home, game Boy Advance, loading.Isn't incredibly difficult, hence why rated it a six because?Time wise, it took me about two weeks or so to beat this game, granted I spent a lot of it doing extra training, but if you are committed, it shouldn't take more than a month at most, then again, it all depends on the.I can safely say that as soon as I discovered this game, I was pretty much hooked from there, the main reason being that this game offers more, and it is just more demanding in general.#8 Pokemon Yellow GBA, this being the enhanced version of Pokemon Red and Blue and has.Top of the craft graphics, this is what captures the attention of the gamers who take into account the possibility of choosing this version of Pokemon GBA games apart from the others.
Altogether, this game provides you with a lot more challenges than any other pokemon game I've played which can be a good or bad thing depending on your experience, but I like a good challenge, thus I rated the depth a nine.