Probability density function calculator calculus

probability density function calculator calculus

Invented by "Chop-Chop" Wheatley in 1954.
Canon's F-792SGA Calculator (2013) : The basics.
Legendre's conjecture There are primes between squares.There are 75 or 76 nonprismatic uniform polyhedra (18 of them convex).K-S Test for Equality of Two Populations - Given two sets of frequencies (using the same grouping intervals this page calculates the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.Sicherman dice yield any total with the same probability as a regular pair.Square game pc plants vs zombies roots are inherently ambiguous for negative or complex numbers.Challenges help tell special-purpose and general-purpose methods apart.Composition of modern miniature rails : Nickel-silver contains no silver.Spinning cylinder on an horizontal plane : The skidding before pure roll.C( np - 1,p ) choices of p items among n different types, allowing duplicates.Maxwell's Demon : Trading information for entropy.Trial division may be used to weed out the small prime factors of a number.Sharing a necklace with N types of beads with just N cuts.Not necessarily to the North Pole!
Long Division : Cultural differences in long division layouts.
Numbers with more than 6 digits cannot be factorized.