Random house webster's unabridged dictionary with cd-rom

random house webster's unabridged dictionary with cd-rom

This modern dictionary offers an exhaustive, traditional record of the red cross the game language, while covering the latest, most important developments-ahead of any other dictionary.
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Unlike the Collegiate, which cited the date of the first known citation, Random House indicated a range of dates.
With a dictionary installed on your hard drive you can look up a word in seconds.Their first dictionary was.It is truly a unique general reference volume for the office, the school, and the entire family.I use it frequently when writing papers for school.Edited by Jess Stein, it contained 315,000 entries in 2256 pages, as well as 2400 illustrations.315,000 dictionary entries, search the entire content of the dictionary.With an all-new search engine, the CD-ROM is a flexible tool with advanced features designed to meet the needs of scholars, students, businesspeople, and anyone else who needs an extensive, versatile resource for words.Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary is a large American dictionary, first published in 1966.79 Random House Dictionary: Look It Up Under Bargain.I was completely satisfied with the way my purchase was handled.Catkey: 4114500, stanford University, Stanford, California 94305.Century Dictionary and the, dictionary of American English, both out of print.System Requirements, computer: IBM PC, operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7 8 32 AND 64 bit machines.It also has a lot more definitions for each word than most dictionaries.The m org jboss resteasy client jar online dictionary bases its proprietary content on the Random House unabridged.(This is very handy, when you can't remember a word but can remember something about the word you are looking for.For example, where the Collegiate gave 1676, Random House might offer 1670-80.In Stock - Works on 64 bit machines!This CD contains all the definitions from the main section of the large Random House Webster's unabridged dictionary.Lets you add words and definitions which can be shared by anyone in your group or organization.