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The person who disagrees with you at the staff meeting is an idiot to be shot down. Consider another brilliant literary cartoon jerk: Charles Dickens was a master painter of the type: Part of what it is to fail to appreciate the perspectives of others is to fail to see your jerkishly dismissive attitude toward their ideas and concerns as inappropriate. The opposite of the jerk is the sweetheart.

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The sweetheart yields his place in line to the hurried shopper, stops to help the person who dropped her papers, calls an acquaintance with an embarrassed apology after having been unintentionally rude.

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Guess Who Called While You were Gone

He is at least concerned enough about their opinion of him to display tactical respect while in their field of view. The moral and emotional failure of the jerk is obvious. Done well enough, this second-person approach could work fairly well for traits such as laziness and unreliability, especially if their scope is restricted: I want to extract that morally important thing, to isolate the core phenomenon towards which I think the word is groping. As one climbs the social hierarchy it is also easier to become a jerk.

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guess witch asshole called
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guess witch asshole called
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