Red vs blue season 10 episode 10

red vs blue season 10 episode 10

Oversight 6:10 Carolina plans her next move as mysterious forces align.
Other Episodes Edit Halo 4 PSAs Edit Grif wants to make sure his schedule is absolutely clear for the launch of Halo.Season 9 left off, as Epsilon Church joins the Reds and Blues on Agent Carolina's quest for vengeance against the Director of Project Freelancer.06:59 Red vs Blue Season wwe smackdown vs raw 2011 iso 10 Episode.Cuts to Carolina and Tex.Carolina, Tex,.T., and the Insurrectionist Leader attack each other before.T.Then go vote and play Halo 4!Make a deal with us!Forever Jeff Williams (feat.The scene fades back.T.'s helmet at the desert in present time.Lamar Hall) 2:02 Revenants, Don't Say.C.T.: You don't understand.Blue Season 10 Preview Trailer Red Band 2012 Red Band Trailer Red.Carolina: Actually, you don't have any time.Fighting Fire 8:11 The Freelancers fight fire with fire.7:56 Carolina continues her investigation and discovers something about herself.C.T.: Please, let's just go while we still can!
Debris Field Jeff Williams 2:59 Turbulence.
Meanwhile, Sarge and Simmons come across some old friends.