Repair windows boot sector from linux

repair windows boot sector from linux

Open, partition Editor and right-click the partition where grub is setup albert camus der mythos des sisyphos pdf - usually (hd0).
(The laptop doesn't have a DVD drive, and I'd rather not make a Windows installation USB because it took me several tries last time.
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XP, boot on your Windows XP installation.Sda3 is the recovery partition (a modified Windows XP, it seems).If you have one of the many OEM computers that didn't come with a Windows installation disk, you can get the same effect dan brown inferno pl pdf with a Windows repair disk, which you can download (eg, win7-32bit, Win7 64bit ) or create from another Windows Vista/7/8 computer (see.This will also tell you if the Windows bootsector needs repair (see this tutorial ).List Backup BS Rebuild BS Dump 9) Check that you have "Status ok" below "Backup boot sector" 10) select Backup.Type: find /boot/grub/stage1, you will be shown the location of Stage1, like (hd0,4) (if more than one Stage1 is located, you must choose which one to use).When you get to the Regional settings, select your Location/Keyboard setting then click next.Type: root (hd?,?) hd0 is the grub label for the first drive's MBR (that 0 is a zero).In other cases, you will need a Windows installation or repair disc as described above.Status: OK, sectors are not identical.Run Linux from your Ubuntu Live CD, and open.Boot-Repair from a liveCD, click "Advanced options tick "Restore MBR click "Apply".What I do have is a USB key that has about 1gb of space.The boot menu contains an entry called Windows (note the funny"tion marks that tries to boot (hd0,1)sda1, of course unsuccessfully.A valid ntfs Boot sector must be present in order to access any data; even if the partition is not bootable.Restore Linux's Boot Sector with grub.
By installing grub in it by mistake you may have troubles, eg if it's a Windows partition you may not be able to boot into Windows any more.