Reset keyring password ubuntu 10.10

reset keyring password ubuntu 10.10

You can change password either through.
In practical I face a problem motorstorm pacific rift update 1.03 once I change my login password.
Under the password tab, it is not necessary to expand the password folder, but doesn't matter either way.Hi, This thread is not a question, but a solution.I had set up a new wireless connection, and had to fill in the password every time.I want it to auto login each time, not ask for my system password.This tool can manage your PGP keys, SSH Keys and pass phrases we use in different applications in Ubuntu.In the menu select, change Password option.Moreover, a new window opened with this message: The application 'NetworkManager Applet' usr/bin/nm-applet) cd luiz aragano e xodozinho wants access to the default keyring, but it is locked.I use to change my password in either of these ways.Step-2: In, passwords tab, right click, passwords: login.Right click on the word "login" where it says "Passwords:login.".The only thing that worked was to click deny, because I didn't know the password.I tried changing the password but it told me that my original password was incorrect (even though it is the password I use to login and provide root authentication when asked) so I deleted the keyring in hopes of adding a new one but there.Ubuntu uses Centralized password management tool called.I did that and the problem persists.I suspect they are all a little bit different problems, so I try to specify the situation where I think my 'solution' is applicable: -you have used the keyring manager before -the login password you used then is different from the one you use now.How do I get rid of the popup?
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