Ro2 thief skill build playpark

ro2 thief skill build playpark

12 0 15 Dirty Plan (Buff) requires: Poisoning Weapon Level Description SP Casting Time Cooldown 1 Generate 5 combo points instantly and reset cooldown for all skills.
Hit yes Now you can fill the hole with a rune!
Haste: Decreases casting time.Attack Damage and Movement Speed are increased by 6/12/18/24/30 per skill point.Backstab from the original Ragnarok Online.If the Class that attacked the target is Rogue, than additional 10 damage is inflicted.Your mouse cursor will turn into a cogwheel, and simply click the piece of gear again.Combo Points required Attacks the target with a show of dazzling dance of daggers and inflicts damage equaling 1292 of your Physical Damage.Always be aware of your threat level.Note: The max stat you can have.Combo Point required Spins in aaa logo 2010 v3.1 keygen air and kicks the target and inflicts damage equaling 199 of your Physical Damage, and causes Knock down for a short period.Increases your ATK and Movement Speed by 20, and Acceleration., infuses the magical power possessed in Ymir's Heart with your Faith and creates usable energy.(With that being said, dont completely ignore Grimtooth, it is an awesome AoE to use to gain combo points and spread Poison Weapon damage) Shadow Armor: I have not fully tested this skill, but looks like a great ability to use for emergency situations.Damage received target is also applied with Fracture debuff effect for 8 sec.Casting Time, cooldown 1, infuses the magical power possessed in Ymir's Heart with your Faith and creates usable energy.Happy Shopping!.now on to armors!Obtain Detect Weakness buff with 18 success rate.0 0 3 5 When using an attack skill, there is a 20 chance to increase your Attack Power or Critical Rate.If youre an Artisan, you can also make your own equipment too.
Cooldown: 3 Seconds, increases the critical chance of all party/raid members.4/0.8/1.2/1.6/2 for 30 minutes per skill point.