Seat ibiza 1.4 16v 100pk signo

seat ibiza 1.4 16v 100pk signo

Seat Cordoba.9 SDi Reference 64 hp/4000 rpm, 5MT, seat Cordoba.9 SDi Signo 64 hp/4000 rpm, 5MT, seat Cordoba.9 SDi Stella 64 hp/4000 rpm, 5MT Seat Cordoba.9 TDi 100pk Businessline 100 hp/4000 rpm, 5MT Seat Cordoba.9 TDi 100pk Reference 100 hp/4000.
Ibiza.4i Select 2/3.
4 16V 100pk, sport 100 hp/6000 rpm, 5MT.
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