Secure disk erase failed couldn't unmount disk

secure disk erase failed couldn't unmount disk

changed: hosts file will now give a higher priority to the user-configured hostname for the router ahead of hardcoded ones (like m).
The newer Asus code base seems to have changed quite a few settings, so you'll the crooked man game want to not only start with the new default values, but also get rid of obsolete settings.
fixed: Wireless clients that hadn't communicated in a while wouldn't be properly shown on the Wireless log (patch by pinwing) - fixed: QoS rules weren't applied properly when IPv6 was enabled (was changed in recent GPL - reverted it) - fixed: Can't apply.
(note: checksums are also posted on the support forum at SmallNetBuilder) - changed: Switched my fix for unmounted/hidden partition support with Asus's own fix from GPL 3561.fixed: OpenVPN server instances weren't properly reporting if an presto pagemanager 9 professional keygen error occurred at start time.fixed: dnsmasq not listening to DNS requests from OpenVPN clients if you had just enabled the option on the webui.changed: Increased user account limit from 16 to 32 on the VPN server pages.fixed: Minor tweaks to the AiCloud pages so they can fit on a 15" laptop screen (some close buttons at the bottom were unreachable) - fixed: Enabling SSH access from WAN didn't work if DualWAN was set to load-balancing.We now support up to 64 MACs.374.33 (3-Oct-2013 * important RT-N66U users must revert back to factory defaults and manually reconfigure their settings if coming from a FW older (applies to both Asus or Asuswrt-Merlin).This can't be adjusted anymore, as it was moved to a closed source component.Please stick to 374.36 Beta 1 for the time being on these two platforms.Click where you live on the map or start typing it into the box provided and then click Continue.NEW: Added setting to configure OpenVPN's logging verbosity.376.48_3 (20-Nov-2014) - fixed: NAT loopback was broken on mips devices (backported Asus fix from 376_3626) 376.48_2 (8-Nov-2014) - fixed: Samba would fail to start on the RT-N16 due to a missing library.
NEW: Support for Vodafone R226 USB LTE (patch by Gernot Pansy) - NEW: New "update-notification" user script, that gets run when a scheduled firmware check detects a new version is available.
This ensures that you don't leak traffic through global or other tunnel routes, however it also means any static route you might have defined at the WAN level will not be copied either.