Single player commands 1.4.5

single player commands 1.4.5

Item itemcodeitemname quantity damage Gives player item, if quantity isnt specified maximum amount of that item.
Me action msg /tell path blockradius Creates a path as you walk.
Home Teleport to spawn point.
Go to versions and copy the version directory (eg:.6.2) and name it something else (eg: ds).Macro file parameters Allows multiple Commands to be run.T X Y Z Teleport to coordinates.If no command_name given, lists help commands.Delete the files in the meta-INF directory except for manifest.Checksum (sha256 checksum (sha256 for Minecraft.4.7.5 for Minecraft.4.7.For.8.8 and.7.10, last Updated on 23rd October 2015.Minecraft /bin directory and backup minecraft.jar.Ascend, moves you to the next platform above your current position.Minecraft /backups Manual simo_415 give 35:14 5 (give kiran typing tutor for windows 8 5ea red wool).repair all repairs all inventory items except worn armor, if removed and added to inventory, it too is repaired.Killall entity_type distance Kills all the specified entity type, this destroys ALL entities (paintings, minecarts, etc) if no distance.Tele X Y Z Teleport to coordinates.Alternatively, if you have mac os x server 10.5 leopard essential training done this for another mod already backup the Minecraft JAR.Alternatively, if you have done this for another mod already backup the Minecraft version.
Navigate to where the installer is, for example it might be: cd C:UsersExampleMy DocumentsDownloads Type in the following: java -cp downloadname staller Where downloadname is the name of the.JAR file, ie: SinglePlayerCommands.
Below is a brief run through of the command list: Normal Commands (Version.3 to Current Version)?