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Retrieved February 9, When the queen dies, another female takes her place, sometimes after a violent struggle with her competitors. The naked mole-rat is well adapted to the limited availability of oxygen within the tunnels of its typical habitat. Their large, protruding teeth are used to dig and their lips are sealed just behind the teeth, preventing soil from filling their mouths while digging. It is closely related to the blesmols and is the only species in the genus Heterocephalus of the family Heterocephalidae. Ecology of Social Evolution.

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Once established, the new queen's body expands the space between the vertebrae in her backbone to become longer and ready to bear pups.

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The naked-mole rat lacks pain sensitivity in its skin, and has very low metabolic and respiratory rates. This reference makes some incorrect statements, such as implying that using glucose requires oxygen but using fructose does not. Retrieved 21 October As a result, the naked mole-rats feel no pain when they are exposed to acid or capsaicin. Handbook of the Mammals of the World Volume 6: Naked mole-rats sometimes also eat their own feces.

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