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Two wealthy women treat people in the service industry with disdain, in several scenes. Two men wake up in bed together it is implied that they have had sex. A woman overhears a conversation between her husband and another woman and thinks that they are having sex. Men and women admire each other as they walk past, and a man admires a man disguised as a woman and approaches him. A man puts pills into a drink to "loosen" his date up for sex. Two men shoot it out against three other men:

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Two men wake up in bed together it is implied that they have had sex.

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White Chicks (2004) Nude Scenes

The agents decide to go undercover, and don women's clothes and lots of pale make-up in order to make themselves look like the two heiresses and take their place. A man flirts with a man who's disguised as a woman, caresses his hair and smacks him on the buttocks. A man pretends to kill himself by wrapping his necktie around a curtain rod. Two women dance together with suggestive gestures, two other women do a suggestive dance on a bar while men cheer them on, and then two groups of women do a dance battle with suggestive moves. Two men fight against three men with many punches and kicks; one is thrown over a store counter, one is tackled into an ice cream cooler, one man holds a gun on two other men, and one man has a bloody mouth. A man disguised as a woman throws a football hitting another man hard in the chest and knocking him to the ground.

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